Zoe Van-de-Velde was born in Melton Mowbray in the winter of 1974. She spent her early years in the depths of the fenlands and then was moved nomadically around by her Mother. Her youth was spent directing and perfoming in plays which helped her escape life's impermanance.

Zoe disappeared after leaving school, there were sightings of her in a small village in Germany but these were never confirmed. She re-emerged around 1997 where she studied at University. Zoe spent most of her time taking pictures. She also made a short film 'Let's Eat Hair' (from Carl Laszlo's play), which was shown at the Phoenix Cinema in Leicester.

After leaving University Zoe has stated that she has 'seen lots of dead people (literally not metaphorically!), dipped my toes into the forbidden zone and discovered that purity can never be regained'

Presently Zoe spends most her time in a loft writing squiblets and taking pictures that she hopes will eventually cleanse her soul.