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Dissolution of the Soul

A Foray into Experimental Music

Dissolution was born as a response to a world that changed, perhaps when I wasn't looking.  The dissolution is the dissolution of my soul which has been creatively expressed through experimental sound.  Influenced by the sound pieces by John Cage, the progressive rock of Pink Floyd and the anti-music of The Residents.  The work of the Vienna Actionists and Bowie's take on this in 'Heart's Filthy Lesson' were instrumental in assisting with the creation of the EP and the video.  The video uses found footage and does express the track's mood, this track was chosen as it was the shortest of the tracks and includes a bass track by Audiorezout, gunshots, thunder and the sound of a baby crying, which is one of the most primal sounds and can be felt so deeply it hurts.  The title track of the EP Dissolution expresses the rain and darkness as it is always raining in my soul and the sound of bells and ticking are a nod to Pink Floyd's 'Time' as the sound of my own life ticks away.  The last track 'Rupture of Rapture' is the only track with lyrics and was the most challenging as the voice and metre was more complex in its construction.  

The album reminded me of a Japanese poem painting with the story moving through the scroll of the soundscape. 

Dissolution of the Soul
De Velde Presents
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