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Zoe is an artist who uses photography, performance, and writing in her work.  Zoe survived comprehensive school then affected her escape to Germany at the age of 16. Since then Zoe has lived many lives but always has created artwork and writing.  She is interested in the conceptual, the uncanny, and the absurd and this bleeds into her writings, photographs, and films.  At present, Zoe is working on her disappearance and photographic death. Zoe lives high above the city and every day she contemplates her existence through art.


Zoe also teaches art, design, and media at DMU International College.  Zoe has a first degree in English and Media She also achieved an MA with Distinction in Creative Media Arts (Photography) from the London South Bank University. Zoe's film 'Let's Eat Hair' was shown at the Phoenix Cinema in Leicester. 

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